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Hair Extensions UK - Real and Clip In - Lush Hair Extensions

Lush Hair Extensions was established in 2008 and has quickly become one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of great quality clip in human hair extensions worldwide. Lush Hair Extensions mission is to provide our customers with great quality clip in human hair extension products, at an affordable price. In addition to the great hair extension products we offer, we also enjoy interacting with our customers and have invested heavily in social media activities with the aim of offering advice, tips and great promotions. We offer one of the widest ranges of clip in human hair extension styles including Full Head deluxe double weft clip, Full Head clip, half head clip , DIY weft, full head soft wave which are all clip in human hair.

If you're after more volume and glamour, look no further! Our Full Head Deluxe Double Weft clip in hair extension sets are perfect for achieving luxurious locks. Each Lush Deluxe set includes 8 weft pieces with pre-attached feather light silicone clips that will not slip or pull. Each piece is double weft which means you receive almost twice the amount of hair, without having to pay twice the price.

The Lush Full head clip is the most popular clip in our extensive range! Great for adding length and volume with an affordable price tag. Lush Full Head Clip in Hair Extension sets come in a range of colours including black, blonde, brown, red, highlights and mixed. These are available in a wide variety of lengths ranging from 12 inch, 15 inch, 18 inch, 20 inch, 22 inch, 24 inch to 26 inch.

If you’re looking to add a bit of volume and length quickly, our brand new Lush Half Head Clip in human Hair Extensions contains 6 weft pieces which can be clipped into your hair and styled within minutes. Like our Deluxe double weft and Full Head Sets, our Half Head Sets come with pre-attached silicone clips and are available in all of the popular LUSH colours and lengths range from 15", 18" to 20".

If you have natural curly or wavey hair our full head soft wave clip in human hair extensions come pre-styled with a permanent wave and will fit perfectly with your hair. These extensions are full head clips with 8 separate wefts for complete full head coverage.

Alternatively if you prefer to style your extensions in a particular way to suit your style, our DIY Wefts contain a single 36 inch (3 feet) wide weft of hair which can be transformed into your own custom set of hair extensions. We also include 18 clips with the set to sew on when making your own inpidual set of clip-in extensions. In addition we offer a range of quality clips in a variety of colours and sizes.

Choosing the right hair extensions can be difficult when you are browsing on a computer screen. That is why we provide a free colour marching service that allows you to upload photos of yourself, so we can tell you  which colour hair extension is best suited to you.

We have also been working very hard to provide you with lots of relevant "how to" videos that will explain how your  hair extensions should be attached, washed and put into short hair effectively, just to name a few. 

If you're after maximum volume and glamour, look no further! Our ULTIMATE Double Deluxe Full Head sets are perfect for achieving luxurious locks. Each LUSH ULTIMATE Double Deluxe Clip In real hair extensions set includes 10 weft pieces (thats 2 more than our Deluxe sets) with pre-attached feather light silicone clips that will not slip or pull. Each piece of our human hair extensions is double wefted - this means you receive almost three times the amount of hair without having to pay three times the price of a Deluxe full head. Our 24" real hair extensions sets contain a full 230g of our glossy Remy Human Hair, the most suitable hair for extensions!. Our Ultimate extensions for hair sets are available our most popular LUSH colours and lengths and range from 18", 20" and 24". Browse through our site to find the best and most suitable human hair extensions.


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We've been having a bit of fun in the office with our Holly Hagan extensions range. Coloured
hair extensions blended in with natural hair colour is a great look for Spring/ Summer. It’s the
perfect way to brighten up your hair style without using permanent dyes.

Holly Hagan Pink looks great with blonde hair, we love these colours blended into a fish tail

Plum perfection- get this look and brighten up your hair with subtle purple highlights!

Our favourite shade ruby red, we love this colour blended with dark brown hair. Get the look


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