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4 Hair Hacks Everyone Should Know

Posted On: 2017-04-20 11:37:01 ; Read: 2404 time(s)

4 Hair Hacks Everyone Should Know

Time is precious. And often in short supply! Early morning meetings, late nights, that new series on Netflix to catch up on – there’s a million things competing for your time. But with these amazing time-saving hair hacks, spending hours on your hair needn’t be one of them.


Our resident hair goddess, the lovely Miss Alex, has put together this video of four easy hair hacks that every girl should know. Because your hair should be low-maintenance – even if your life isn’t it!


You’ll need

All pretty ordinary stuff, right? Let’s see how you can do extraordinary things with them…

Hair hack 1: Disguise your re-growth


This hack can be a saviour in those days running up do your hair appointment, when your roots are badly in need of a touch up. We’ve all been there! But there’s no need to resort to wearing a hat everywhere you go, we know a better way to disguise your roots – a simple zigzag parting.


To create your zigzag parting, take small sections of your hair from either side of your parting and cross them over each other. This can make such a big difference when your hair has noticeable regrowth!



If you want to disguise your roots even more (and look cute to boot), you can also put a headband over the top of your zigzag parting.


Hair hack 2: Smooth flyaways



Hack no. 2 comes in very handy when you want to create a sleek style but those pesky flyaway hairs refuse to cooperate.


Simply take an old, fluffy make-up brush (a large bronzer brush would be perfect) and spray hairspray onto it.



Then smooth your flyaways down with the bristles of your brush until you have that smooth look you’re aiming for.


Hair hack 3: Secure your hair grips



Sick of your hairgrips sliding around when you wish they’d stay put? This easy hack will ensure they (and your style) stay in place way longer.


The secret? Spray your hairgrips with hairspray before you use them.



Once it is coated with hairspray, slide your hairgrip into your hair with the curvy side of your grip facing down, closest to your head. Sometimes it’s the simplest tricks that are the most effective, right?


Hair hack 4: Dry shampoo



Having one of those crazy busy weeks? This hack is going to be your new best friend on those days where you have no time to wash your hair. You might have already discovered the joys of dry shampoo, but here’s the best way to use it.


When you know you’re not going to have time to wash your hair in the morning use dry shampoo the before you head to bed. Section off your hair in lots of different places and spray it onto your roots all over.


Now leave your dry shampoo where it is for around five minutes. Brush your teeth, get in your jammies, pick tomorrow’s outfit – do whatever you do! Then use your fingertips to really rub the dry shampoo into your scalp and hair.



Finally take your hairbrush and smooth over your hair for that gorgeous, shiny freshly-washed look. When you wake up in the morning the dry shampoo will have worked it’s magic on any grease that builds up over night and you’ll be ready to face the day looking fresh.Trust us, no one will ever know!


There you have it ladies – four easy but life-changing hair hacks. Spread the word!


If you’ve got any questions or tips you’d like to share, either leave a comment below or hit us up on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or YouTube



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