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THE BARNET – June Edition: Detanglers & Long Hair Woes

Posted On: 2016-06-29 11:55:21 ; Read: 1985 time(s)

Welcome back to THE BARNET from Lush Hair Extensions. We're hooked on long hair, and we help other long-tress-lovers get the length and look they want with our stunning, easy to use Remy extensions. But we want to do more than help our fans add length to their hair, we also want to inspire you to try fresh styles, experiment with great haircare techniques and just plain love your barnet.

That's why we create THE BARNET each month, using our favourite bloggers from our bookmarks bar to serve up a fresh dose of inspiration. This month, make your own natural hair detangling solutions, empathise with some long hair woes and discuss whether long hair has a “cut off point” as we get older.


How to Make: Natural Detanglers

Whether your mane is a mess from long afternoons at the beach or windswept from long weekend adventures, the summer can play havoc with longer hair. Fortunately, detangling doesn't have to mean a world of pain and hours of “ouch!” moments. Instead, the lovely, “almost hippie” blogger behind Almost Exactly has an array of DIY, natural detangler recipes, many of which are made from common kitchen cupboard or bathroom ingredients. Say goodbye to nasty knots!


What Are Your “Long Hair Woes”?

We love this post from Rebecca of the From Roses blog. Until you've lived with long hair, it’s hard to appreciate the many weird and wonderful experiences that a full-on mane comes with. From scaring yourself with your hair “at least once a day” as it tickles unexpected parts of your body, to getting your locks trapped in the car door, Rebecca has served up some very funny long hair woes alongside some brilliant tips for growing and caring for long hair. How many woes can you identify with?


Is Long Hair Ageless?

It's interesting to hear just how much pressure many women feel relating to hair length and age. Even in 2016, when we're freer than ever to live and look however we choose, the social pressure to wear our hair shorter as we get older doesn't seem to dissipate. In this blog from Snoozing Mouse, the blogger wrestles with the dilemma and decides to keep her lovely long tresses into her 30s. We bet they look beautiful!

Do you think long hair has a “cut off point” as you age? Do you have any long hair woes which didn't appear on Rebecca's list? Share your thoughts and your stories with other readers below.

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