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April Edition: Easy Looks & Pretty Plaits

Posted On: 2016-04-26 11:22:51 ; Read: 2123 time(s)

Hello long-haired lovelies, welcome to a fresh month of hairspiration from THE BARNET, Lush Hair Extensions’ monthly roundup of hair blogs, hair tutorials and all-round long-haired gorgeousness. Each month we take inspiration from the world wide web, sharing posts from the beautiful bloggers of cyberspace to give you some fresh ideas for your barnet, whether you have naturally long tresses, or love boosting volume and length with extensions.

This month; meet long hair addict and fashionista Ellie Connard, be inspired by eight easy and beautiful ways to style long hair, plus discover the perfect plaited style for hair of every length.


Ellie Connard's Long Hair Affair

As you may be able to tell from the name of her stunning blog, Long Hair Affair, fashionista Ellie Connard is just a little obsessed with gorgeous long tresses. “If there is one thing I could make sure I always have, it would be my long hair.” says Ellie on her blog.

From beachy waves and pastel shades, to fishtail braids, Ellie is not afraid to experiment with her mane – and her look overall. Take a peek at the Long Hair Affair blog for regular updates packed with style inspiration and cool ideas for your locks.


Long Hair, Eight Ways

With so much more haircare to handle, long-haired ladies can't always be bothered to create complex hairstyles, that's why, as long as you've got a good haircare routine, less can often be more when it comes to styling. This sweet blog from the lovely Cashmere and Plaid is a great example of this. With lovely long tresses, Emily is proof that your long haired look doesn't have to be intricate to look lovely – here simplicity is key; from an easy-to-plait side braid, to a dependable messy topknot, each of these eight simple styles looks gorgeous and won't take all morning to put together.


Braid Inspiration for Every Hair Length

...But if you do want to invest a little time in putting together a more “artistic” hairstyle, you could do much worse than creating a gorgeous braided look. Freshly on trend thanks to the current Kardashian penchant for paired plaits, braided hair is “having a moment” at every length. This awesome slideshow on The Zoe Report features great looking plaited styles for everything from cropped, to luxuriously long locks. Which will you try?

Do you have a favourite braided style you like to wear? Do you like the Kardashian's plaited look? How long does your long hair care routine take? Share your tips and techniques with other readers below.

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