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How to do a topsy turvy ponytail using hair extensions

Posted On: 2016-05-23 17:02:06 ; Read: 2345 time(s)

How to do a topsy turvy ponytail using hair extensions



The sun is shining, the birds are singing and we’re feeling full of the joys of spring. Finally, we can cast off those woolly jumpers and winter boots and embrace the new season! Fancy a pretty summer style using your clip-in hair extensions? Looking for an easy-to-achieve look with big impact?


This gorgeous topsy turvy ponytail is the perfect summer ‘do. It’s flowery, soft and pretty and would be perfect for any summer gathering - from a sunny festival weekend to a family BBQ in the garden. And if the good old British weather does its thing and the sun doesn’t shine? Your hair definitely will.


As always, the fabulous Miss Alex is on hand with an expert video to take you through creating the look. So let’s get your things ready to create some super cool summer hair.


You’ll need



Ready to go?


11 topsy turvy ponytail.jpg


Apply your hair extensions


First things first, apply your extensions to the middle of the back of your head, starting at the bottom. Alex recommends using your two clip wefts and two one clips, as the bigger wefts in your set can be more visible at the sides and harder to cover up later. And we want this to look lovely and natural right?


Never done this before? Need a quick reminder about how to apply your extensions? Check out Alex’s video on how to clip in your extensions then head here back to finish your look!



Make your first ponytail


Make sure your ponytail has some great texture and volume by gently backcombing the hair at the front of your head around your face.


Next, create a section of hair at the top of your head, take a hair bobble and make your first ponytail. Remember to keep it loose so the bobble doesn’t rest too close to your head.


It works really well for this look if you create your ponytail slightly to one side and your following ponytails will go on alternating sides. (It’s smart little tricks like this that make Alex the hair guru she is!)



Topsy turvy time!


This is the part that takes this look from standard ponytail to something a bit more unusual – and it’s really simple to do. Check out how Alex does it in the video if you’re not sure.


Keeping the ponytail loose, make a small gap in the hair above the bobble, and then flip the tail section of your ponytail up and over, pulling it down through the gap you’ve made. Once all the hair is pulled through, just tighten your ponytail up a bit and you’ll be left with a funky twisted ponytail.


Now take another section of hair underneath and create another loose ponytail with it on the opposite site of your head to where you placed the first one. Just like you did before, make a gap in the hair above the bobble and flip the tail up, over and through the gap.


Repeat this all the way down to the nape of your neck, making each new ponytail on the opposite side to the last. Finish off with one last ponytail in the centre which gathers all of your hair into it. Make a gap, flip it through (you’ll have quite a lot of hair to pull through by this stage) and pull it tight.  



And decorate…


To finish off your look, gently pull  and loosen sections of hair to make the whole thing look soft and more voluminous.


Now for the flowers! If you don’t have any flower grips you can always make your own by pulling the prettiest blossoms off some artificial flowers and sliding a bobby pin over the bottom leaf or petal. Place your flower grips in your hair wherever you think looks good – and especially over any visible hair extensions clips. Play around with it a bit until you’re happy.


You’re all ready for some fun in the sun! Maybe take an umbrella just in case though…

If you’ve got any questions or tips you’d like to share, either leave a comment below or hit us up on Twitter, Facebook or YouTube

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