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How to get crimped hair (without crimpers) using clip-in hair extensions

Posted On: 2017-02-24 14:06:07 ; Read: 4419 time(s)

How to get crimped hair (without crimpers) using clip-in hair extensions

No your eyes aren’t deceiving you, crimping is back. This throwback style is now seriously current.

The fun 90s hair craze has been reborn and reinvented as a credible high fashion look, with crimped hair making an appearance on the catwalks of top designers from Stella McCartney to Gucci. And our favourite supermodel, Gigi Hadid is a big fan. If it’s good enough for Gigi…

Crimped hair is a versatile look. You can crimp a few strands of hair for a casual nod to the trend or go big with all-over crimping for a fashion-forward style. We loved Miss Alex’s take on crimped hair using clip-in hair extensions so much we asked her to share her secrets to creating crimped hair - without crimpers. That’s right, you don’t need to dig out those bright pink crimpers at the back of your wardrobe you’ve been hoarding since the 90s – sorry.

In fact, this look is so simple you don’t need much at all to create it.




You’ll need

All set? Let’s crimp like it’s 1999…

Apply your clip-in hair extensions

First up, you need to apply your wefts. Alex has chosen a 20 inch set in shade 613 for this look but you can choose whichever shade is right for you.



New to clip-in hair extensions? Never fear, you can find out how to apply clip in hair extensions in one of our earlier posts and then head straight back here to finish your look.

Get braiding

The secret to getting a crimped look without a crimper is...braids. You’re going to make small braids all over your head and then go over them with your straightening iron to get that cool crimped effect.

Start by braiding a small section at the front of your head. Split the section into three strands and simply place the left-hand strand over the middle strand. Then place the right-hand strand over the middle strand – and repeat all the way down to the end. Secure your braid with a hair tie and move onto your next braid.

When creating the rest of your braids, make sure you include your extensions in your braids along with your natural hair - this will help blend your extensions. You want to make braids all over your head – but you don’t have to braid every single strand of your hair to get a fantastic crimped effect. You just need an even spread of braids.

If you want to create a casual style, you can do slightly thicker braids. If you really want to commit to the crimping and go for a high fashion look, make your braids smaller. The smaller the braid, the tighter the crimp!

Time for some ironing (the fun kind don’t worry)

When you feel you have braided enough of your hair, it’s time to grab your straightening iron. Run it over each braid individually to set the crimp. Go slow so your straightener has time to do its thing - you can even hold it over sections of the braid for a few seconds to get the best crimped effect you can.

Release the crimp

Once you have run your straightener over every one of your braids, just leave your hair to cool for a few minutes. Then gently remove your hair ties and and undo your braids.

Oh snap, you should be left with a ‘wicked’ crimped effect. All this look needs is some hairspray to keep it in place before you grab your rollerblades and go.

If you’ve got any questions or tips you’d like to share, either leave a comment below or hit us up on Twitter, Facebook or YouTube


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