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How to do messy festival braids using clip-in hair extensions

Posted On: 2016-06-29 11:59:46 ; Read: 2898 time(s)

How to do messy festival braids using clip-in hair extensions


Got your brollies at the ready for Glasto ladies? Ready to dance the night away at Leeds? Whether you’re heading to the big festival to see your favourite bands this summer or just planning to rock some festival style in the park with your mates, we’ve got a super easy look for you this week. Come rain or shine, this style will leave you free to live it up without worrying about your hair.

Nothing says ‘festival’ like messy braids and cute hippy flowers – and the good news is you don’t actually have to sleep in a field for three days to achieve this look. The gorgeous Miss Alex is on hand to show you how to create your effortlessly sexy braided style. And it only looks better the later the night gets, so get yourselves to the Main Stage!

Let’s do this, get your things ready girls.

You’ll need


Good to go? Let’s get you ready for your festival appearance…


13 festival messy braids.jpg



First things first, you need to clip in your lovely Lush hair extensions. Alex has gone for brushed out curls, which give your braids some extra texture and volume. This isn’t a neat and sleek look!

If you’re new to clip-in hair extensions never fear, we’ve got a great video from Alex on the blog showing you exactly how to clip in your extensions like a boss.  

Once you’ve clipped in your hair extensions, take your brush and simply brush through the ends of your hair to get it ready for braiding.


To create your festival braids, take your comb and trace a line up from your nose to your hairline to make a centre parting. Split your hair into two sections, one on each side of your parting.

Now take one side and split it into three sections. This will become one of your funky braids. Try and make your three sections as even as possible, then place the right section under the middle section, then the left section under the middle section. Repeat this all the way down to the bottom of your braid before securing it with a clear hair elastic.

Repeat this on the other side to create your second braid, making sure the two braids are the same length at the bottom. Try to make the braids nice and neat at this stage – then we’ll mess them up later!


Still with us? You should have two lovely neat braids by now. But neat braids are so not ‘festival’ - it’s time to mess them up.

Gently pull and tease your braids apart to make them thicker and messier. Check out the video to see how Alex does it.  Pull out some sections of hair at the front of your face as well, and give them a quick curl with your curling wand if they’re very straight. Then pull through the curls with your fingers to relax them.

It also looks great if you backcomb your hair above your braids a bit, and even the braids themselves. You’re aiming to look like you’ve casually rolled out of your tent, done a couple of yoga moves and carried on with the party!

Hippy-ing (that’s totally a word right?)

To give your messy braids an extra festival touch, you can add some flower power to your look with a pretty floral headband, crown or even a couple of flower clips.  

Ladies, you are now festival-ready. Go forth and get muddy!

If you’ve got any questions or tips you’d like to share, either leave a comment below or hit us up on Twitter, Facebook or YouTube


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