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Lush Hair extensions: Hairstyle Stalking At Coachella Festival

Posted On: 2012-04-17 13:55:00 ; Read: 10651 time(s)
In hair news this week..

Biggest shock of the week - plus size model Crystal Renn has not only halved her body weight, but now has bleached her hair to a drastic shade of white blonde and chopped her long raven locks off. She now stands as a polar opposite of her previously voluptuous and wholesome self. She was spotted at a New York dinner dance earlier this week and seems to be revelling in all the attention her new look has stirred. Not doing anything by half measures, Crystal Renn also opted to bleach her eyebrows too. We think this look a bit too experimental and odd/alien-esque. Bring back the curves and dark tresses please Crystal :(
Crystal's unusual bleached-brow look
Curvier Crystal
Coachella Festival in California has dominated celebrity fashion and beauty news this week. Personal celebrity faves would have to be Vanessa Hudgens, Rihanna and Katy Perry. Hair was mainly being worn long, thick, tousled and in beachy waves. A bit boring and predictable, yes, but it's definitely a fail-safe classic and officially marks the start of summer in the hair world.
RiRi was sporting a freshly shaved undercut with rock chick waves, Raybans and red lipstick to complete the look. Fierce!

Rihanna looked enviably toned - taken from her Instagram
Katy Perry has dyed her hair yet again (shocker) to a rainbow-bright shade of purple. She also added a lot of length with hair extensions which were worn loosely curled. Definitely a fan of her new long do. If you are thinking of going loud and bold with your hair this summer, you can of course dye your set of Lush Hair Extensions to match! Go for shade 613 bleach blonde to achieve best results for pillar-box reds or luminous purple shades.
Purple hair extensions
Vanessa Hudgens brought a hippy and retro vibe to Coachella festival.. along with her extremely hot boyfriend.. Not jel at all. Anyway! Vanessa's hair was long, black and teased into gentle waves. Adding a flower head band over a centre parting made her look every part the retro cutie. To get her look check out our 18" Deluxe Remy Human Hair Extensions in shade #1 Jet Black here.
Vanessa Hudgens: Hippy Goddess
Oh, and Lindsay Lohan has finally come to terms with the fact she is a natural ginger and over-processed bleach blonde hair is not her friend. Lindsay has now gone back to her feiry roots. LOVING this transformation! 
Li-Lo embracing her natural hair colour

Alex x


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