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Lush Hair Extensions: Celebs Go Longer

Posted On: 2012-04-27 15:58:33 ; Read: 7979 time(s)


In  top hair news this week..


Katie Price ditches hair extensions and makeup for a more natural look. She tweeted: 'My turn all extensions out no make miss Natural! I'd like to see more people like this!the new me x'. Katie then decided that she didn't like the minimal look afterall and gets new hair extensions.. bigger and better than before. She then stages a really classy DIY lingerie shoot at her Sussex home. On her kitchen worktop. In flourescent undies. Hmm not quite flying the flag for natural beauty there really..


Katie Price's goes from short to super thick - that is a lot of hair.
Victoria beckham has also treated herself to a nice new full head of hair extensions. The twiglet fashionista stepped out in Beijing with her newly long locks styled into a high ponytail - check out how to get the look with your hair extensions here.
She also tweeted a few images of her extensions in a loose plait to the side of her face, a bit less intense than her alternative dominatrix-pony look.
Victoria Beckham in Beijing with her must have accessory - the POUT
Kate Middleton shall be celebrating her one year wedding anniversary with Prince William this weekend. This lady is always immaculately turned out and is never seen with one hair out of place. I have compiled a few images of K Middy's best hair looks to celebrate her one year anniversary of marriage and flawless hair, you go girl!
K Middy working her super glossy locks.. Does she ever have a bad hair day??
Alex x


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