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How To: Make Your Own Hair Extensions With DIY Wefts

Posted On: 2012-04-13 12:44:45 ; Read: 27019 time(s)

How To: Make Your Own Hair Extensions With DIY Wefts

For those of you who have ever toyed with the idea of doing it yourself, I have come up with a quick and easy guide on how to make your very own, unique set of clip in hair extensions. Not only do we stock the straight weft variety, we also have plenty of DIY Weft Soft Wave sets in at the moment. Customers are usually very interested in these however as soon as they find out a bit of work is involved in order to make them wearable, they are instantly put off. Well, this was my first ever experience/experiment with making a DIY set and it was surprisingly easy. My sewing skills are pretty appalling so if I can do it I'm certain any one can!

Benefits of DIY hair extensions:
You can tailor the set to suit your needs. First off, you can decide on your own measurements. In my opinion, the less faffing about, the better. Why have 8 pieces when you can clip in just 4 or 5?? Sure 8 piece sets are great for layering in the extensions but my method produces just as good results.
You can make your set as super thick as you like! If you are part of the very small minority of customers who require even more hair (this always surprises me) than our Deluxe sets offer, feel free to add another weft to the mix. You can double, triple, or even quadruple up (maybe a bit too far..?) your weft pieces.
So let's get started..
What you will need
  • 1 or 2 DIY Weft Sets. In this tutorial I am using the DIY Italian Soft Wave sets. These are treated to remain in a soft wave so take away the hassle of having to style your hair extensions.
  • 10 - 18 clips. We send you 18 clips with your purchase of DIY Wefts here at Lush Hair Extensions free of charge.. we're nice like that :)
  • Scissors
  • Thread. It's best to select the same shade as the thread already used on the weft or the same shade as the hair. If you can't find any, no biggie. The thread tends to be well concealed once your set is clipped in.
  • Sectioning comb/brush.
  • Hair clips to divide the sections of hair.

Optional - Liquid Gold or similar hair bonding glue. You can either sew wefts together or use glue to join two or more wefts. Also, this is quite useful to seal the ends of the weft pieces once you have cut them.        


1.  Remove the gold bands from your weft and roll it out on a flat surface.

2.  Time to section your hair for the first piece. I decided that my first piece should about 1.5" above my hairline at the nape of my neck. Section this and clip the rest of your hair up on top of your hair. Take the weft and hold about 1/2 inch from where your hair starts just next to your ear and do the same on the other side. You need a small gap to ensure that the weft doesn't poke out once it's clipped in. Cut the weft to fit this measurement. For me, this piece measured just under 6.5" (16cm). I doubled all my pieces up to make them double wefted so all you need to do is lay this piece on top and cut another piece identical in length from the weft.

Optional: Once the pieces have all been cut, you may wish to dab a tiny bit of Liquid Gold adhesive to the ends of the weft. Hair shouldn't come away from the weft however this does makes sure all hair stays in place!
3.  The next piece was the longest - this measured from about 1 inch above my ear, going from temple to temple. Section your hair again, align the weft from one side to the other and cut this to fit this measurement. My piece was just over 8" (21cm). Again, I cut another identical piece to double up.
4.  Side pieces - section your hair again about 1.5" - 2" above your ear on either side. These pieces should be around 9cm (3.5").
I then had a bit of extra weft left so made to 1.5" pieces to clip in just above the side pieces.
4.  Time to sew the clips on now all your pieces have been cut. With each clip there are seven holes. You need to sew the top of the weft to the holes along the top of the clip. If you sew in and around the holes about five times this should be sufficient. I doubled up the thread to make sure the clips were securely attached to the weft. Black thread just to make it really easy for you to see how the clips were sewn on :)
For each piece, these are the amount of clips I used (you may wish to add more clips) -
      6.5" piece - 2 clips
      8" piece - 3 clips
      Side pieces - 2 clips per piece
     1.5" pieces - 1 clip per piece
I used 11 clips in total.
5.  After sewing on all the clips, if you have doubled up the pieces you may wish to sew the wefts together at intervals to prevent gapping. I did this on the longer pieces in-between the clips.
Et voila, you now have yourself your first tailor-made set of extensions! If you have any questions on this method feel free to comment and I shall get back to you. Remember, there is no 100% right way of making your DIY set. If you want to play around with the measurements or number of pieces go for it!
Unfortunately I didn't have any time on the day to make myself look presentable for photos. I shall add an image of me wearing the final result very soon however :)


Amy | 2012-04-13 13:57:48

That blog is FAB !!! Thank you for the step by step help . I will be purchasing mine ASAP.
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