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How To: Remove Warm/Yellow Undertones From Blonde Hair Extensions

Posted On: 2012-07-12 13:20:38 ; Read: 68032 time(s)


This is something we get a lot of emails about from all of you platinum blondes out there. We are constantly asked just how white or ash blonde are our lightest blonde #60 or #613 bleach blonde hair extensions and whether the sets have a yellow tinge to them. Now, I certainly would not say our shade #60's have a yellow undertone but they can be a bit too warm for a few of you bright blondies. If a set is ever too warm for a customer's requirements we often recommend that they use a purple shampoo (also known as blue or silverising shampoo) on their Lush Hair Extensions.

Purple Shampoo: What is it??

This product is a toning shampoo; it lifts, brightens and neutralises brassiness in white, grey and platinum blonde hair. Purple shampoos contain violet pigments which conteract brassy or yellow tones, ensuring hair remains as white and bright as possible.

Many customers are sceptical of achieving a noticeable difference in colour just by using a relatively cheap shampoo alone. These concerns are definitely unfounded in my experience - I have been using our L'Oreal Silver Gloss Protect System Shine Shampoo for the past few months as my blonde hair tends to get quite brassy a few weeks after getting my roots done. The results - this shampoo has definitely lifted and eradicated almost all warmth to my hair, keeping unwanted dull and buttery blonde tones at bay. By also using the shampoo on my extensions, I have ensured they match perfectly at all times.

So.. Still not totally sold on the power of purple? Here's my quick guide - with photographic proof - to show you just how amazingly effective purple shampoo can be on blonde hair extensions..

Shade #613 pre shampooing

I chose to use my old set of #613 Bleach Blonde Lush Hair Extensions instead of our slightly lighter and cooler #60 Lightest Blonde for before and after purposes as the difference in shade is more apparent.

After lathering the purple shampoo into a clip-in piece

Before applying the shampoo to your pieces add a bit of warm water to form a lather with the shampoo in your hands first. Word of warning - if you simply SLAP the shampoo straight on, you will be left with nasty purple blotches on your hair extensions (I learned this the hard way). A foamy lather smooths onto the hair easily for an even coverage which is very important!

The final result! The hair has a more icy tone and looks less brassy than before.

Before and after - the untouched set of #613 hair extensions on the right is visibly warmer.

Just a quick photo taken at work to show you how seemlessly the hair extensions now blend in with my natural hair :)

I used L'Oreal Silver Gloss Protect System Shine Shampoo 250 ml but you can also use alternative products such as Touch of Silver Shampoo too. The set I used and am wearing in the bottom image is our 20" Deluxe Clip-in set in shade #613 Bleach Blonde.

Give purple shampoo a go with your blonde hair extensions if you feel they're looking a bit dull or brassy for you. It's so easy and cheap!

Alex x


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