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Lush Hair Extensions: Jennifer Lopez turns 43!

Posted On: 2012-07-25 15:10:53 ; Read: 48714 time(s)
Lush Hair Extensions: Jennifer Lopez turns 43!
This week's Lush Hair Extensions blog comes in the bootilicious form of Latino sensation Jennifer Lopez! This woman turned 43 yesterday (I know - shocker!!) and she's definitely looking better than ever.
To celebrate J.Lo looking extremely foxy at 43, here are some images of her best and worst hairstyles over the years. Enjoy!
Jennifer Lopez celebrating her birthday two nights ago in a fitted Tom Ford dress. This is our favourite hairstyle by far. The soft brown and caramel tones really complement her olive complexion whilst the soft waves perfectly frame her face.
The original fly girl - Jenny from the block!
She is looking blingtastic from her diamante hoops to her studded-up bandana. Headbands and mini-braids have been making a big comeback this summer but I think it's safe to say this look shall not be repeated again by anyone. Ever.
2006 MTV Music Video Awards
And we have now entered the hair concealment era! Oh boy, there is nothing like head to toe gold lurex and the outline of your scalp to make a man weak at the knees! We definitely prefer J.Lo sans skull cap, with her glossy locks roaming wild and free.
Pink velour tracksuit, heels and a train driver cap - how many fashion faux pas can one woman commit in one outfit! It's bewildering to think this was the height of style sophistication back in the day.. and even more alarming that some of us followed suite (obviously not me. Cough). Again, Jenny needs to ditch the hats and accessories and get the mane out.
2002 Oscars Ceremony
Wow. Just wow. This image was described on another blog as a 'cross between cupcake and a 50's prom queen'. Nail. Head. Jennifer's hair has been super-sized to unnecessary proportions and the sweetheart tonging does nothing to frame her features.
Fall Fashion Week 2005
Severely scraped back half-up, half-down hair. This shall only draw attention to your ears. If you have lovely ears then you might be a fan of this look, we're not so keen.
Grammy Awards 2010 
Finally we are starting to see some hairstyle improvements! No silly hats, big hula hoop earrings or sporadic braiding in sight. The present day hair, beauty and fashion icon we know and love is starting to emerge. Jennifer Lopez has also settled into her most flattering hair shade that she still maintains to this day - warm brown and golden blonde tones. Our shade #6/27 medium brown and caramel blonde is a perfect match!
Golden Globes - Sleek and chic!
We like this classic ballerina bun hairstyle. Subtle bronzed makeup totally complements the overall look too.
Modern day J.Lo!
Her hair almost sends shivers down my spine - everything is spot on. The light slight ombre effect, the centre-parting, the loose tonged waves and volumised crown.. This is hair heaven! If you have this hair shade or are thinking about going a light gold brown then we recommend our 18" Deluxe set in shade #8 Light Brown.
So there we have it, Jennifer Lopez has had a rocky hair style evolution since rising to fame. We are happy to say she is now at her peak and looks better than before! Happy 43rd birthday J.Lo, keep on looking fabulous!
Alex x


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