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THE BARNET - September Edition: No Poo & Date Night Dos

Posted On: 2015-09-21 15:58:31 ; Read: 6576 time(s)

Find out why hair oil could be your new hair saviour, discover how to successfully banish shampoo from your hair care regimen and go “no poo” for healthier locks and get inspired by 5 fast date night looks, from ballet buns to red carpet waves...

4 Reasons to Give Hair Oil a Go

For those of us plagued by roots which are quick to grow greasy, the idea of using oil in our hair can seem like a bad idea. Yet hair oil is taking off in a big way and it's not only a great product for dry or frizzy locks. In fact, as this blog from HQ Hair by Maree Hamilton  of Verything explains, there are tonnes of benefits to hair oil, which don't have to result in greasy roots.

Are You Ready to Go “No Poo”?

It might not sound like the most glamorous movement of all time, but the “no poo” trend (that's no SHAMpoo to you and me) is picking up fans and followers all over the world. 

The concept is simple: shampoo is full of chemicals which can damage our locks and which mess with the natural balance of oils in our hair. To side-step all of these potential problems, many people (including blogger and beauty journalist Lucy AitkenRead of the Lulastic blog) have simply opted out altogether, preferring a more natural approach to haircare. 

If you're interested in going “no poo” the wonderful Lucy has put together a definitive guide to the process – the perfect antidote to all of the rumours and old wive's tales all over the internet. Here's how to go “no poo” properly.


5 Fast Date Night Looks

Do you have a hot date this evening but mere minutes to make the turnaround from post-work frazzle to effortlessly lovely? These five fast date night looks from the L'Oreal Professional blog will help you scrub up in next to no time. From 70s spirals and red carpet waves, to a chic ballet bun, there is plenty of inspiration to be found here, whatever vibe you're hoping to channel. What is your go to date night do? Have you tried the “no poo” method?

What was your experience? Share your picks and your stories with other readers below.

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