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Vintage updo

Posted On: 2017-07-19 16:21:41 ; Read: 2762 time(s)

We’re big fans of vintage style and super excited to share this gorgeous rockabilly look with you. A beautiful vintage updo that rocks with retro fashions from prom dresses to pedal pushers.

It’s a versatile look that works just as well as a funky-but-elegant wedding day style as it does with your fave leather jacket (who doesn’t want to channel Rizzo from Grease?).

As always, the glamorous Miss Alex has put together a step-by-step tutorial for you. What would our hair do without her?  


You’ll need


STEP 1 - Section your hair


First up, you need to section off your hair. Create a V-shaped section at the top of your head and clip in out of the way ready to style later.

Then split the leftover hair into two sections - top and bottom. Clip the top section out of the way for now.

You’ll be clipping your wefts onto that bottom section so backcomb it a little to make sure your hair extensions have something to grip on to.


STEP 2 - Clip in your wefts

Next, you need to clip in your hair extensions. This will give you loads of extra volume to help create an updo with impact. No-one likes a sad teeny tiny bun!

For this look, you will need to clip your wefts in on themselves. Take a four-clip weft, fold it in half and clip two of the clips onto the weft itself. This will simply make sure your extensions fit neatly into your high bun.

Clip your folded four-clip weft onto your bottom section of hair in the middle of your head.

Then fold and clip a pair of two-clip wefts in exactly the same way. Clip them side-by-side above your four-clip weft. This will help disguise all of your clips so they aren’t visible.


STEP 3 - Create a high ponytail

Next, let down the section of hair above your wefts and tie it all up into a high ponytail. Use your comb to make sure it’s beautifully tight and smooth.

Then gently backcomb your ponytail to add a bit of texture.


STEP 4 - Transform your pony into a vintage bun

To create that vintage bun you need to split your ponytail into two halves - left and right. Backcomb one side first and then wrap that hair around itself to create a bun. Grip it securely in place.

Then backcomb the second half of your ponytail and wrap it the opposite way around your bun. Again, secure it in place with your hair grips.


STEP 5 - Backcomb your top section

Now it’s time to take down that V-shaped section at the top of your head.

Release the hair and give it some oomph by pushing your comb gently against the roots to backcomb it.


STEP 6 - Rolls and spirals

Now sweep your top section of hair over to one side. You want to gather it around two fingers to create a retro hair roll. This will give your updo that authentic vintage style. Grip your hair roll in place so that it stays put.

Now take those leftover ends of your hair roll and wrap them into a small spiral next to your roll. Grip in place.


STEP 7 - Finishing touches

To complete the look, just run some smoothing gel over the sides of your ponytail and give everything a good spritz of hairspray to keep it all in place.

Add some glam with your hottest red lippy and you’re ready to rock (a-billy).

For more pinup hair inspo, we love this cute style from Miss Rockabilly Ruby.

Or for a super quick and easy rockabilly updo, check out this tutorial from The Vintage Doll.

If you’ve got any questions or tips you’d like to share, either leave a comment below or hit us up on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube or Pinterest


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