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Hair Care

Helpful tips to care for your hair extensions

Washing - When washing Lush Hair Extensions please use a low PH shampoo and a good conditioner on the hair, wash in tepid water and hold around the clips. Let the hair dry naturally before styling using a little hair serum. To prolong the life of the extensions try not to wash too often and use products like dry shampoo or hair perfume to freshen the hair.

Straightening / Curling - Our hair can be straightened and curled. Human hair can be heated to a maximum of 180 degrees. If the hair extensions are heated above this temperature it may cause damage to the hair. It is not advised to use heat protect spray on the hair extensionst before heat is applied.

Dyeing - As with all Human Hair extensions our hair extensions can be dyed. However it is recommended to perform a strip test on a small piece of the hair first. Once hair has been dyed we cannot be held responsible for the dyeing process. We advise when dying our hair extensions to use only semi permanent hair colour or colouring that has no ammonia as this is less damaging to the hair. As our hair undergoes an evasive dying process any dyes with high ammonia can cause the hair to be stripped of colour. 2024
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