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How To: Curl Your Lush Hair Extensions With SLEEP-IN ROLLERS!

Posted On: 2012-06-18 11:48:45 ; Read: 37164 time(s)

Lush Hair Extensions How To: Curling Your Extensions With SLEEP-IN ROLLERS

If you're a fan of The Only Way Is Essex, Desperate Scousewives or are generally hair and beauty obsessed, you would have heard of Sleep-In Rollers by now. These rollers have revolutionised the way ladies are now styling their hair; you can simply pop them in your hair at night and wake up the next day with celebrity worthy tresses full of volume.

Their trademark phrase 'Goodbye sleepless nights, hello great hair' instantly caught my attention.. I experience a lot of hair nightmares (naturally frizzy/curly blonde-fro hair) so this was music to my ears! For £16.50, you receive 20 soft and spongy Sleep-In Rollers. They're basically pink marshmallows for your hair - delectable looking, soft and feather light rollers. You can wear them without any discomfort whatsoever.

Just cruisin' in my Sleep-In Rollers.. Note the lip-roller colour co-ordination going on ;)

After styling my own hair with great success, I thought it was high time I teamed up my set of Lush Hair Extensions with Sleep-In Rollers. These were the results..

I had planned to go to Essex this weekend despite experiencing a bad case of conjunctivitis (dedication to the cause) and had prepared my hair extensions in the rollers overnight. This technique is great as it minimises damage caused by using heated styling tools and allows the hair enough time to set, maintaining the curl for longer. 

Pink perfection - The pink velcro rollers come in a matching pink carry bag. So cute!

I dampened my hair extensions to ensure the hair styled properly and set overnight.

For larger weft pieces you can use two or three rollers side by side. Secure the rollers with kirby grips to keep the tension in the hair for better results.

Giving your hair extensions the VIP treatment! A handy tip I stole from my friend - store your curled hair extensions in a shoe box whilst setting/if your traveling with them.

The final results - loose Kardashian style waves that shall stay curled all day/night long

Unfortunately I didn't get the opportunity to test out my Sleep Rollered hair in Essex as my eyes were pretty bad - wearing makeup was a definite no no. Luckily, two of my friends who went have also jumped aboard the Sleep Roller wagon and used the same technique with their hair extensions. Being girly girls, they obviously took lots of posey images so I can still show you the final results!

The beautiful Birthday girl Corin wearing her Sleep-In Rollers

Big, bouncy curls! If I had gone to Essex I hope assume my hair would have looked identical to Verity's (left). Verity wears 20" Deluxe Lush Hair Extensions in shade #60 Lightest Blonde (she's also a phenomenal makeup artist - visit her website here)

I will certainly be using this combined technique of Sleep-In Rollers with my hair extensions again. Has anyone else tried out the Sleep-In Rollers? Do you prefer them to heated/alternative rollers??

Alex x




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Ruth | 2012-07-20 16:46:18

Thanks for this article. I've been looking for one for ages on how to use sleep-in rollers with extensions e.g should you use them when your extensions are in or out...and now I know! R x
Cassie | 2012-06-26 17:16:24

Love these!!! Can't wait to try them out with my extensions. Such a good idea using a shoe box lol xxx C
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