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How to get Scarlett Johansson’s classic Hollywood look

Posted On: 2016-11-23 16:31:30 ; Read: 1632 time(s)

How to get Scarlett Johansson’s classic Hollywood look


Scarlett Johansson. She’s our favourite Hollywood chameleon with the uncanny knack of looking amazing whatever her hairstyle. Whether she’s playing an ass-kicking superhero or the girl next door, her hair is always the star of the show. Redhead, brunette or platinum blonde? Pixie crop, edgy bob, or tumbling waves? She’s rocked them all!


But the look we love the most is Scarlett at her most sultry, when she hits the red carpet with long blonde curls and knock ‘em dead red lips. It’s classic old school Hollywood glamour. So, in celebration of her birthday this month we’ve teamed up with the fabulous Miss Alex to let you into the secrets behind Scarlett’s style and help you create your very own red carpet-worthy look.


01 title 1.JPG


First up, gather up your equipment so you’ve got it all to hand…


You’ll need


All set? Let’s do this.


Clip in your Lush hair extensions




Get started by applying your hair extensions, then brush them through to get rid of any knots or tangles. If this is your first time using clip-in hair extensions, you might want to check out our post showing you how to apply clip-in hair extensions before heading back here for your next step.


Now take your sectioning comb and divide your hair into a section along the base of your head ready for curling. Then clip the rest of your hair up out of the way for now.


Get curling…




To create those gorgeous bouncy curls, you need a thick-barrelled curling wand. Take a section of hair about the same width as your wand and wrap it around the barrel, keeping the hair lying nice and flat onto the iron rather than twisted around it. This will give you a fantastic defined curl, rather than a beachy wave (a hot look for another day). To make sure all of your curls are flowing away from your face like Scarlett’s, wrap your hair behind the wand, not in front of it – watch how Alex does it if you’re not sure!




As you release the curl from your wand, gently catch it in your hand. Then roll it back up towards you head and clip it to your head while it cools. This will give your curls better definition and help them last longer. If you’re pushed for time, you don’t need to clip all of your curls, just the ones around your face.


Now repeat the exact same process on other side of your head, making sure you curl the hair away from your face.


Set your curls free


Once your curls have cooled, it’s time to release them! Carefully unclip them and let the curls unravel. Once you’ve let put this entire bottom layer of curls, give them a good spritz of hairspray to hold them in place.


Now let down the rest of your hair and create a new section above your curled section, before clipping the rest of your hair back up on the top of your head.


Repeat the curling and clipping process with the next layer of hair and so on and so on…




When you reach the top layer of your hair, take your comb and create a side parting. Then curl your top layer of hair in the same way again.


Give your look the finishing touches


Now you’re the proud owner of a head of Scarlett-esque curls, all you need to do is take your hairbrush and brush through all of your curls to give them that beautiful loosely flowing look.




Add a slick of red lippy and you’re so ready for your red carpet moment. Sadly, you’ll have to find your own sexy French husband – sorry ladies!


Have you had a go at this tutorial? Send your pictures on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. And don’t forget to check out our other tutorials on YouTube!


Scarlett Johansson Classic Hollywood collage.jpg


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